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Right now in our restaurants, we're featuring two of our favorite pie flavors... Peach & Chocolate Crème! Try a slice for just $2.49 or take home a Peach Pie for $11.49 or Whole Chocolate Crème Pie for just $9.49!

Order now!

Pie Special: Peach and Chocolate Crème

Get the best of both worlds with our Salad Bar Dinner Deals! Each of the following entrees has the Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar included in the price. Take your pick!

  • Nantucket Cod (1 pc) + one side and bakery-fresh dinner rolls
  • Chicken Fillets (4 pc) + one side and bakery-fresh dinner rolls
  • Chicken Bruschetta (1 pc) + one side and bakery-fresh rolls
  • Mile High Meat Loaf
  • Zucchini Lasagna + garlic toast

Available when the Soup, Salad, & Fruit Bar is open - including during lunch!

Salad Bar Dinner Deals - Only 11.99!

Enjoy one of the following entrees, plus the Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar, for one low price. Available when the Salad Bar is open. 

  • Turkey Dinner 13.49
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu (1 piece) 12.49
  • Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo starting at 12.99
  • Fisherman's Platter 15.99

All meals include a side of your choice and bakery-fresh dinner rolls. 

Premium Salad Bar Dinner Deals

Monday through Friday, from 5-11 AM, enjoy a special discount on any of our famous Breakfast Smiles! 

Original Breakfast Smile 5.49
Griddle Smile 6.49
Super Griddle Smile 7.49
Ground Sirloin & Eggs Smile 8.49

Weekday Breakfast Deals

Take advantage of our daily deals (Available 11 AM - 4 PM, except our Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar, which opens at 11:30 AM) to save $1 on some of our most popular lunch items!

Sunday: Shredded Pot Roast 7.49
Monday: Buffalo Chicken Wrap 8.29
Tuesday: Turkey Club 8.49
Wednesday: Reuben 8.29
Thursday: Philly Cheesesteak 8.99
Friday: Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar 8.49
Saturday: Crispy Chicken Club 8.49

Each sandwich comes with one side of your choice. 

Daily Lunch Deals - Save $1!

When purchasing a beverage, guests 55 and older can enjoy the Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar for just 7.99. This deal is available Monday-Friday, 2-5 PM.

Guests over 55 and older can also anjoy our breakfast buffet every Tuesday from 7:30 - 10:30 AM for just $6.49!

Senior Salad Bar & Senior Buffet