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a message from our chairman & ceo, jeff broadhurst

a message from our chairman & ceo, jeff broadhurst

The year was 1949. 

“Riders in the Sky (A Cowboy Legend)” was at the top of the music charts. The Stratton Story starring Indiana, Pa.’s own Jimmy Stewart was the No. 1 film. And restauranteur Larry Hatch was about to do something extraordinary...he just didn’t know it yet.  

On June 5, 1949, Hatch introduced Pittsburgh to its first “Come as You Are, Eat In Your Car” experience known as “Eat’n Park,” located in a tiny, two-tone yellow, 13-seat restaurant in suburban South Hills. The restaurant opened at 2PM that day, and soon excited guests caused a traffic jam on Route 51. By 8PM, the restaurant was out of food, with just hours to spare before they had to do it all over again the next day.

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find smiley

More than just a cookie, our mascot Smiley brings joy to guests in and outside our restaurants! Check out where and when he’ll be coming to an Eat’n Park or community event near you!

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Celebrate 75 Years of Creating Smiles – Narrated by Our Friend Rick Sebak

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