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Welcome to the Eat’n Park Media Room! Here you’ll find the latest information about Eat’n Park Restaurants, including press releases, commercials, videos and awards.

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Press Releases

Eat'n Park Celebrates Smiley's Birthday with 99-cent Kids' Meals
Eat’n Park Restaurants ( is kicking off a month-long Smiley’s Birthday Party celebration in June featuring 99-cent kids’ meals and a number of appearances by Smiley at Eat’n Park restaurants. Smiley’s Birthday celebration will run through the month of June, beginning immediately and ending Monday, June 30.

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Big, Bold Summer Burgers Are Here at Eat'n Park!
Great taste is always in style! From the intense Heater Burger, to the sweet Teriyaki Hula Turkey Burger, to the tangy Southern BBQ Burger - our big, bold summer burgers bring the flavor on our new Brioche Bun. Tasty and trendy!

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Fresh, Local Produce at Eat'n Park!
Better ingredients make better-tasting food! That's why, over a decade ago, we started FarmSource, our local purchasing program. FarmSource allows us to support family farms while offering our guests fresh, wholesome foods. In season at Eat'n Park, you'll find local tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, and more, featured in our menu items and on our Soup, Salad, & Fruit Bar.

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Check out our new blog! You'll discover interesting stories, facts, recipes, and other information you won't find anywhere else. Find out what steps we're taking to "go green," how we come up with our menu items, and more!

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