Fresh and Local Produce at Eat'n Park

Fresh and Local Produce at Eat'n Park

Jamie Moore, Director of Sourcing & Sustainability, walks near a table filled with fresh produce in

>>I'm Jamie Moore at Eat'n Park fresh always tastes better.

Montage of Jamie walking through various fields of crops with some of our local farmers, then ending in
a shot of our Soup, Salad, & Fruit Bar.

>>That's why we partner with local family-owned farms to provide fresh vegetables daily for our Soup,
Salad and fruit Bar.

Clip of a Yarnick family member from Yarnick's Farm showing a basket of tomatoes.

>>including tomatoes,

Clip of a lettuce field.


Clip of Jamie examining a zucchini plant with Dan Yarnick.


Clips of Jamie examining spinach and yellow squash plants with Art and Dave King from Harvest Valley

>>spinach, yellow squash,

Slow pan over several baskets full of colorful peppers.


Clip of Jamie examing radishes with a member of the Wiers family of Wiers Farm.

>>and radishes.

Clip of Yarnick son picking a fresh cabbage, and then tossing it to Jamie, who places it in the tractor.

>>Plus cabbage for our homemade coleslaw.

Slow pan over spinach, tomato, and pepper ingredients on Soup, Salad, and Fruit Bar.

>>Fresh, local produce on our Soup, Salad and Fruit Bar...

Jamie standing next to the Yarnick family of Yarnick's Farm near a table full of produce.

>>that always makes me smile.

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