Caring for Kids

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation celebrates Beacon of Hope Honorees

Slow pan over Eat'n Park sign. Trina Demarco, Director of Corporate Giving and Community Partnerships speaks over montage of community photos:

>>Trina: As a hospitality company, giving back is really in our DNA. Service is important to us, and one of the ways we do that is through our Caring for Kids campaign.

Cut to Mercy Senchur, Senior Vice President of Operations, in restaurant over continued montage of community photos:

>>MERCY: So each year we set aside five weeks for our Caring for Kids Campaign, where each of our units fundraise in their communities for their local Children's Hospital.

Cut to Jeff Broadhurst, President & CEO of Eat'n Park Hospitality Group, in restaurant. Voiceover contines over shot of servers in restaurant and Christmas Star image:

>>JEFF: It's something that started many years ago. It's something that our team members get passionate about. It's a volunteer opportunity in every single one of our locations.
People can feel proud that they're giving back to the communities in which we serve on a daily basis.

Cut to Mercy back in restaurant:

>>MERCY: Each year, they come up with creative new ways just to simply outdo their total from last year.

Voiceover from Linda Mayou, Caring For Kids Campaign Chairperson at Monongahela Eat'n Park, over montage of Caring For Kids event and Smiley photo. Then cut to Linda sitting on outdoor patio:

>LINDA: We do a holiday bash, sometimes we do a spaghetti dinner, Tips for Tots...I think Caring for Kids is a fantastic fundraiser. I have my family involved, my grandchildren now are taking off on their own.

Cut to photo of Linda and her two granddaughters, who also work for Eat'n Park hospitality group:

>>LINDA: We have been able to raise a good bit of money.

Shot of quote on wall from Jeff Broadhurst that says "Giving back isn't just something we do. It's who we are. - Jeff Broadhurst President & CEO."

Cut to Jim Broadhurst in restaurant, Chairman:

>>JIM: This is something we've made a long-term commitment to, because we care about the hospital.

Shot of Eat'n Park Atrium signage inside Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh:

>>JEFF: The Eat'n Park Atrium is a space in the sixth floor were you know, ultimately, the kids can can just be kids.

Shot of Eat'n Park Atrium and team members in restaurant as voiceover continues:

>>JEFF: We were proud to be able to give back. I'm really proud that it's named after all of our team members that have raised so much money for so many years to be able to build that space.

Cut to Trina outside an Eat'n Park restaurant. As voiceover continues, images of Eat'n Park Smiley Cookies and team members:

>>TRINA: This is an awesome opportunity for us to show everybody what we're all about...and that really is spreading a smile.

End shot of Smiley mascot surrounded by team members waving goodbye.

[piano music fades out]

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