Eat'n Park supports over 1,600 non-profit organizations each year through in-kind donations in the communities that we serve.  In keeping with our LifeSmiles commitment and to make a greater impact through our giving, we focus on organizations and events that benefit children's health, wellness, and physical activity, as well as events that inspire families to make healthy choices and get active together.

Please note that Eat'n Park is not able to support individuals and for-profit businesses.

How do I request a donation for my non-profit event from Eat'n Park?

You can request a corporate-level donation through our Donation Request Form (see restaurant level donations below). If you are a first-time applicant, you will need to create an account using your email address. Returning applicants can sign in with their email address and chosen password.

In order to be considered for a corporate-level donation, you must submit your request at least 5 weeks before your deadline or event. Unfortunately, due to the tremendous number of requests that we receive at the restaurant and corporate level, we are unable to participate in all of the worthy opportunities presented to us.  We apologize in advance if we are not able to fulfill your request.

Once you have submitted your request, you will be notified via email when a decision has been made. We will respond to all donation requests within three weeks. If your request has been approved, further instruction on how to go about collecting the donation will also be sent via email.

Donation Request Form

Note: To fairly support as many community organizations as we can, we are not able to donate Smiley Cookies to be resold. If you are interested in cookies or gift cards for fundraising, please see the information for Smiley Cookie Fundraising and Gift Card Fundraising by clicking here.

How do I approach my local Eat'n Park for a donation?

Our managers take pride in being involved in their communities through supporting a variety of events on a local level. As a result, they are authorized to make ONE of the following donations per event:

  • Up to 15 dozen cookies at 50% off
  • Up to $10 in gift cards
  • Up to 2 dozen cookies free

Non-profit organizations are eligible to receive a restaurant-level donation once per year. To be considered for one of these donations, please take a written request on your organization's letterhead to the general manager of your local Eat'n Park.

Restaurant managers reserve the right to deny donation requests, and organizations may receive only one donation per event per year. Requesting donations from multiple Eat'n Park locations for the same event is prohibited.

Looking for Smiley or his Cookie Cruiser?

Click here if you’re looking to request Smiley and/or the Cookie Cruiser for your event.

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