Create Your Plate with Eat'n Park's Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar

An electronic beat plays softly. An empty white plate sits on an orange background. As a male narrator outlines the ways he likes to build his salad, the ingredients he mentions come on and off the plate in geometric patterns.]

"At Eat'n Park, I create my plate.
Tomatoes and cucumbers always taste great.
Beets, peas, and cheddar cheese,
Chick peas, cottage cheese, more please!
I like oodles of chicken noodle.
And if I'm on a roll...I'll get another bowl.
Fresh-cut pineapple makes it sweet.
I pour on the ranch, now it's complete."

8.99 appears on screen, followed by the Eat'n Park logo and the words "Soup, Salad, & Fruit Bar".

"But hold on, here's something else that's nice.
For only $8.99, you can't beat the price.
So get in the car.
It's time for Eat'n Park's Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar."

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