Salad Your Way with Eat'n Park's Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar

An jaunty acoustic tune plays softly. An empty white plate sits on a red background. As a female narrator outlines the ways she likes to build her salad, the plate rotates counterclockwise, and the ingredients she mentions come on and off the plate in geometric patterns.

"Love a salad made your way?
Eat'n Park will make your day.
Mixed greens, carrots, and a little bacon.
Peppers and diced egg, that's what I'm makin'.
I add the grilled veggie salad.
Then bleu cheese crumbles on top.
Now for some of that chili, I may never stop!
When it comes to salads, I customize.
I know what I like, so I prioritize."

8.99 appears on screen, followed by the Eat'n Park logo and the words "Soup, Salad, & Fruit Bar".

"All this and the price is fine, only $8.99.
Whereever you are, get to Eat'n Park's Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar."

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